Monday, October 02, 2006

Evolution IMAP - learning to live offline

Murray , thanks for all those constructive comments. Much of the problems that you have mentioned stem directly from the still-young-and-improving offline support in Evolution. Primarily,
  • the user interface with multiple configuration points that do not clearly tell you what happens (or does not). We are working towards a simpler, intuitive and a 'usable' interface in the current Two Ten dev series.
  • As you have so rightly mentioned, the download for offline use interferes with the foreground operations. This is a PITA and hopefully we would be letting Evo 2.10 handle this in a more sensible way
Until then, the 'Cancel' Button on the toolbar is your friend - it is not a panacea, especially for GW/Exchange accounts - but on IMAP - it works like a charm and gives you the control when you want it back - all the times.

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