Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What time is it anyway ?

With the Daylight Savings Time redefined in some of the countries this year, it was a good time to visit old bugs and discover others which had been lurking in the dark. Chen has been doing a fabulous job fixing the timezone data used by evolution-data-server and recently, he posted a migration tool to sanitize current and future appointments in the Evolution calendar that had been created in the past.

The timezone data generated by vzic does not always seem to agree with the Exchange Servers or with timeanddate.com as Chen had pointed out in an earlier post. If you happen to notice something you believe is still incorrect in Evolution 2.10.0, please let us know here.

Then again, we are just buying time before there is one blessed authorized timezone database on the Desktop which all applications consume and I wonder when would that be.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Recomposing the Evolution composer

Ben makes a good, valid point. Reminds me of the 'Mark as Junk' and 'Mark as Not Junk' icons holding hands together on the Mailer toolbar.

Under the hood, it appears to be a limitation with BonoboUI (or perhaps just how it is being used ?) that if you hide buttons based on context [like message (not) marked junk, HTML/Plain text etc.] , you mess up their placements in the toolbar and they are free to jump left and right to their current positions in different contexts.
Think Dynamic Menu generation. One other reason to take that decisive step towards gtktoolbar.