Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Evolution Very Much Alive and Kicking

Jason, an interesting post though I think you got many facts wrong (including my nationality). Grepping mail headers for X-Mailer *Evolution* is indeed a good trick for a quick pulse-check. I would have imagined you would have chosen a similar dipstick on the cvs, the release site or bugzilla to find out if the project was still alive. It is true that triaging Evolution takes a very long time - it tops the 'open bugs' and 'opened last week' stats but - oh yes, it tops the 'closed last week' column week after week too, thanks to a lot of GNOMErs who still love, use and contribute to the project.

It *is* a shame that the crasher you had reported got triaged after 5 months and you were asked for a stack trace 'when we could have got one, if we indeed cared'. Please do file the 'some eight to ten crashes' mentioned in your blog and see if we fare any better now.
And if you need a nudge to try Evolution again, check out some stats and the charts on Evolution 2.8 IMAP performance.