Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The monkey is out

You can now download Evolution 2.7.91, Evolution-Data-Server 1.7.91 and GtkHTML-3.11.91. Here is an overview of what is new in this development series.
  • Global search in Mailer and Quick Search defaults
  • Wide Screen mode, Vertical Preview
  • Cairo integration for better look and feel
  • Faster Performance and reduced Memory footprints in Mail (IMAP and GW)
  • Improved Load sequence for GW Calendar - now loads 10 times faster
  • Reduced EDS memory footprint - separate cache for Tasks/Calendar/Memos,
  • reduced static linkages and loads of leak fixes in Contacts and Calendar
  • Support for GW Reminder Notes and Mail retract
  • Sharable Notes in the Journal (filesystem).
  • Allow dynamic linking to libdb
  • gnome-keyring support
Stay tuned for the cool charts and hard numbers.
In the meanwhile, you can help us make this release even better by filing bug reports and contributing patches.

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