Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just Moved In !

I have moved to as my blog on was blown away by a spam attack a couple of months ago. Picked up the auto-response ticket ID and waited long but then there is one post that I really want to respond to - so here I am.

Thom : Evolution did an overhaul of its menus and shortcuts to be more HIG-friendly in Evolution 2.6 and we are constantly incorporating most of the feedback we receive through bugzilla and Better Desktop.
Evolution HEAD already supports a vertical preview pane - and the current development release is working towards configurable toolbars and even better searching.

We are listening here and in the Bugzilla.


Vidar Braut Haarr said...

The problem is that things listed on and in bugzilla aren't enough. They are small, incremental changes, but what Evolution really needs is a *total* redesign of the menu structures and preference panels.

A 50% reduction in menu items and making the preference dialog half the size it is now shouldn't be too hard - I'm not sure, though, since I haven't opened evolution seriously since 2.2, since it just looks horrible.

I run GNOME at 1024x768, and the Evolution toolbar still doesn't fit on screen. WTF?!

Use Seamonkey for 48 hours and then use Firefox for 48 hours. THAT's the sort of change Evolution needs TODAY.

Mikhail said...

Screw the menus (although the comment above is invalid, haven't opened Evo since 2.2 and complaining, huh?).

What about proper locking and message retrieval for local mailboxes? The bugs just sit there for ages.

Vidar Braut Haarr said...

That's not what I said, I said I haven't opened it seriously since 2.2 (used it, that is).

Frej said...

Split evo! At least UI Wise
One window for adress book, one for mail, one for calender.

Although i actually enjoy using evolution :)

Anonymous said...

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